• They think more about their rights, instead of their kids happiness.

    • By : Don Semora

As a father of four girls, there is one thing I could never do. And that is dump on my kids. However some "fathers" out there seem to just be more into themselves and their worlds than they are their kids. These are what I call BAD DADS. These guys are a special form of being, who for some reason choose their lives and happiness over their own kids. Why they do this I am not sure why. After all, how can you look at your child and just decide they are less important than lets say... Something you dug up on the internet. However far too many do this and more.

The truly sad part about this besides the emotional carnage they inflict, is when someone else steps in and becomes a part of their kids lives. They tend to find silly excuses to hate this man who "Fathers Up" for them. Why I am not sure, after all us dads who make our kids our focus, and even the ones who are willing to be there, and become a father for kids who are not biologically theirs I think are awesome. But I think these bad dads get on a hate trip as they know they are bad. They are deep down ashamed of their actions, and of what they did. So they turn the embarassment into a hatred for the ex and the new true father who steps in.

But what is usually funny about these "Bad Dads" is they tend to think they are highly regarded. They play their games with the minds of kids, and try to also do so with adults. They strut around thinking people are impressed with their "daddy" skills, then in fact these people tend to laugh at them behind their back. They see these scumbags for what they are, and these "Bad Dads" take the politeness of others as them being impressed. It is funny to talk to people when they say "What a scumbag" or "He is a real creeper" or better yet, "He is a shitty dad." All are true, but these dads are oblivious to this as much as they are oblivious to their kids wants, needs and happiness. But what is usually great are the Courts. They see these "Bad Dads" for what they are, and like "some" of these "Bad Dads" they try to manipulate by whining like little titty babies in Court, thinking it impresses the judges, when in fact they are called out for what they really are.

Now do not get me wrong, there are a LOT of MEN out there who divorce, and become positives in their kids lives. This blog is not about them. These men stay around, they work with their ex for the better of their kids. They look at the new man in their kids lives as someone to work with for the betterment of the kids. These GOOD DADS check their daddy ego at the door. They are man enough to understand that kids have enough love for all. They know things happen, they move on with good women, not the trampy slutty kind of troll one digs up on an internet website. The good moral kind, who is legitimaltey a good woman. These GOOD DADS are what we need more of in this world. I personally take my hat off to all these GOOD DADS, as they are what this world needs more of.

But in the end, when you look at the true engine that drives them, these "Bad Dads" I think are so angry at themselves, after all they decided to leave the picture. Yeah they show up once in awhile, act like super dad. After all their egos demand this. And I admit marriages disolve all the time, however some of these dads just dump so badly on their kids, maybe they find an internet troll and run off with her, maybe they decide a life in greener pastures is better. But in the end these "Bad Dads" are just that. Horrible men who crap on their kids then turn all of their anger and embarassment over their own shameful actions to the others who step up, and man up and dad up for them.

But like every horrible thing similar like foot fungus, herpes and bad breath. They will always be around. Too bad there wasnt a spray for them. Then again, there is. It is called GOOD DADS... GOOD DADS are that positive counter to the destructive negative, dangerous influence that these "Bad Dads" inflict.

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