• Good Book Covers Are Critical

    • By : Don Semora

I have seen so many authors wonder why their books are not selling. I look at them online and frankly I see most of the problem. The cover... You see what many authors do not understand is that the cover is the window to the purchasers soul. If the cover looks nice and is per topic, the purchaser will pick it up and look at it. Chances are if it looks intriguing they will buy it. Instead, I see authors take years working on a book, then cheap out on the cover. Yes my fellow authors, a cover is the MOST important part of your book.

Their are a lot of bad cover designers out there, and a lot of 49.99 get a cover kind of websites. They produce bad covers. Sorry but this is the cold hard truth. I have had a lot of authors ask me why when they take their books to a small bookstore, would that store refuse to carry the book. After all, they are a bookstore. However the answer is usually answered when I ask to see the book. 99 percent of the time the cover is badly laid out, not scaled right, was not prepeared right for printing, and looks unprofessional. THAT! Exactly that, is why these sellers refuse more self published books. They do not want it on their shelves and rightfully so.

Authors get excited about their book and these "designers" and website prey on that excitement. An author instead needs to hire a professional, yes you will pay more than 49.99 for it, however I am sorry. If you want to be taken seriously as an author, if you want your book to sell, then you need to invest in one of the most important parts of that book and that is the cover.. However you are wasting your hard work when you settle for frankly garbage. I am not trying to sell my cover design services. I am stating a fact. So if you are an author, wake up and start demanding quality. Your book sales will reflect it. Realize that YOU are the one who makes the choice, so make sure you choose a designer who puts out quality.

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    No one will ever do my book covers again except Don Semora, thank you for your awesome talent. You rock.

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    Wow! You rock! That was fast! Thanks you, you made it perfect.

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    No one does my design work except Don, from websites to covers he always nails it.

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