• You Join a Site - You Play By THEIR Rules

    • By : Don Semora

I am writing this short blurb in response to a great story by ABC News I read. In the past I have seen friends and other people's friends post these cute sounding little posts about how their information is Copyright blah blah blah. Well guess what buttercup....IT IS NOT...

You join a website you operate under their what is called "Terms of Service" and also their "Privacy Policy"... These are basically the rules you agree to abide by and follow when using their website. In other words, it are those two things you never read that legally bind you. How many of you have bought a house and never read the paperwork, would you consent to surgery for your child and not read the procedure paperwork? Yeppers, you would not, you would read that important paperwork. However you trust so much that there is some "law" out there protecting you, and you want to so bad be like the rest and join that site.... You fail to read the policies.

Facebook as with many sites own your posts, images, and yes folks even if you post about that super secret new project you are designing to your closes 3000 friends of which 2993 of them you have never met, they can, and in fact anyone can snag it and use it. Yeppers buttercup you have posted that info and photo in the open domain. You see there is a little thing about Copyright law that 99.9999 percent of people don't know. You can waive your copyright rights. You do so on Facebook, and many other sites.Facebook and other sites do this and place this caveat as a protection to them, so they do not become the transferees of a Copyright violation. YOU cannot trump their policy, YOU cannot operate outside of it... You have to follow the rules. Simple as that.

I see a lot of people complain about Facebook, heck there are tings I do not like about it. However, we all agree to follow their rules, policies and the way THEY want it. The site is free, you come here and log in of what is called "You own volition". Best part is, they can change those policies anytime they want to, and so can any other site. With NO notification, notice or otherwise.Why? Well, according to Federal Law, you as an individual who is 13 years or older, are considered to have what is called BASIC DUE DILIGENCE. In other words, you can anytime read their policies (plus any other sites policies) that you want to, and decide if you want to follow their rules. Consider these policies like going to a restaurant. Can you go to a Italian restaurant and demand a Taco? No, you cannot. Their menu, their rules. Can you demand they serve sweet tea, nope. Can you demand they take Visa when they are only a cash place. No you cannot, and even if they do not post it, and you eat, you better pony up the cash. Again their rules, you go there, use their services, you are assumed under law to agree to their services policies.

So there you have it. Like it or hate it. Love it or leave it... Simple as that. So next time you go to a site, take 30 minutes (literally) with some... And read their policies. You may decide to rip your internet connection from the wall and never get online again.

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