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    • By : Don Semora

I have been a designer for a very long time, and am formally trained on ADOBE products. While in training, I was informed by my instructor that Photoshop is the gold standard for design work, and that anything else is just pretty much worthless. Now as someone who does very high end work, and what I mean by that is, that my work tends to be very involved, very intricate, I have to say he was wrong.

When Corel came out on the market it was pretty much the poor mans design tool. Much cheaper than Adobe based products, and frankly so lacking in features and power it was well... Pretty much a joke. The program kids used, but professionals would not be caught dead with it. Well, let me tell you from experience, that this was right on. But now the game has changed. I now use Corel Draw pretty much 90 percent of the time. Many designers would chuckle at this. However, I will put my design work up against theirs any day of the week. My portfolio is riddled with Corel based work. But what makes it so good? Why do I tout it so much, read on and I will put it simply.

Corel Suite, I use version X6 (16). First price verses power. You will not find a better deal. New full suite run 400 bucks, far cheaper than Adobe Master Suite. You can also upgrade no matter what version you have for under 200 bucks, and Corel is always running sales where usually you can upgrade for less than 150.

Second is power and features. Corel has come a very long way since their early days. The features are excellent and frankly, Corel will do the trick for 99.999 percent of designers out there. Loaded with cool tools, similar to Adobe, but it is laid out better. What Adobe makes you take 3 mouse clicks to do, Corel takes 1. Plus the program is laid out better, and every release they are improving it more and more. You cannot need to do something that Corel cannot do. Simple as that.

Finally is CD's, you get em. Adobe has hopped on what I think is a rip off bandwagon. Forcing you to subscribe and download content. Forcing you to upgrade when THEY want you to. Corel still does the best way, the old fashioned way. They give you your programs on CD. Subscribing and forcing me to use their program their way is bullshit as a designer. I want to do it my way. So price, features and power, Corel is it.

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    No one will ever do my book covers again except Don Semora, thank you for your awesome talent. You rock.

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    No one does my design work except Don, from websites to covers he always nails it.

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