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I love to write many genres

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Dark Home
Alterverse Saga Book 1

The story of four friends who find a magical book and are transported to a magical world, where they have to find a way home.

Heroes Gambit
Will be released in late 2016

The climax of the story of four friends who end up in a magical world. This time they must trust the one they should never trust to get home.

Soccer Mom
Will be released in late 2016

Children are being murdered in a small Michigan town, two detectives play a cat and mouse game with the killer.

Magical Land of Yett
Illustrated Kids Book

In this book the small boy Pine decides to help the fairies get their magical key back, while battling the evil Snufflewumps.

Fairies of Curtis Road
Teen Fantasy

Two sisters go on a magical adventure to help the magical fairies. They must delve deep into Deep Dirt a magical kingdom to help.

Alterverse Role Players Game
Role Playing Game

A role playing game I designed, wrote, laid out and even did most of the artwork. For ages 11 on up.