I design cool things

Hello I am Don Semora, Designer - Vlogger - Web Developer, Author - Father, I am a creative soul, Now what can I do for YOU!

I have written several books

I love to write, and have created several books that I think speak to varying ages and tastes.

Pawns of Fate

Pawns of Fate

My 700 Page Epic Fantasy Novel

The Magical Land of Yett

Magical Land of Yett

My Childrens book, for ages 5 to 9

The Fairies of Curtis Road

Fairies of Curtis Road

A great fantasy for young readers 9 to 14

The Military Modeler

Military Modeler

My Model Building Reference Guide Vol-1

The Scale Model Builder

The Scale Modeler

My Model Building Reference Guide Vol-2

Alterverse Role Playing Game

Alterverse RPG

My Role Playing Game I developed from scratch

Some of my accompishments
I created a fully functional custom social media website, with features that even Facebook does not have. We are growing every single day. Check it out.
After 5 years of work, I just published my Fantasy Epic Pawns of Fate. 700 Pages and has been called by others as something totally unique and fresh.
I created my own WIKI for my fantasy world for my books. You can see how diverse I am in my coding / development talents. Plus it help me stay organized.
When I owned a small publishing business, I was nominated for and received the DART Difference Maker Award for service to my community in 2011.